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this is about avenging India The release of the September 29, 2016 surgical strike video footage showing Indian armed forces crossing the border and attacking four Pakistani terror launch pads, in retaliation for the Uri terror strike from nine days ago, when 23 Indian soldiers were killed by Pakistani militants was a surprise. Dark, grim and dangerous but revenge. Still from the 2016 surgical strike video released now. [] The politics that exploded over it wasn the Disapproval Brigade was the Congress. iphone x xs hoesje Its spokesperson, Randeep Singh Surjewala, described bracelet homme irlandais the video release as a move by the BJP led government to derive political credit via the Indian army. The Congress stated the BJP had already apparently shamelessly tatouage tahitien bracelet homme politicised the 2016 surgical strike in 2017 Uttar Pradesh assembly election, swept by a saffron kofsac nouvelle mode 925 bagues en argent pour les femmes saint valentin fete de luxe bleu etoile cloche index ouvert bague bijoux cadeaux wave. Long standing BJP members indeed, high ranking ministers from former BJP governments Arun bracelet homme rita et zia Shourie and Yashwant Sinha also added their two cents worth. goed samsung hoesje Yashwant Sinha steered the ship of sourness to staidly salty waters, stating the video was released keeping only the 2019 polls in mind. Arun Shourie was more entertaining he claimed the strike had bracelet homme nazar boncuk turned from ’surgical’ to ‘farzical’, a propaganda farce, with an eye bracelet homme acier inoxydable cuir on the political horizon where the clouds of 2019 are already gathering apace. custodia samsung cover But, amidst all these twisting charges, of the BJP using the surgical strikes video for bracelet homme all blacks political gain, here my straight question why not What is “shameless” about a government taking credit for a hard decision which empowered the Indian armed kofsac nouveaute mode 925 argent mignon elk anneaux pour femmes fete bijoux reglable noel cerf anneau meilleur fille cadeau forces to go do the right thing, in the best possible way Further, is the Congress, by arguing such behaviour is apparently shameless, then accusing Mrs Indira Gandhi, who took great credit for ‘breaking Pakistan into two’ and creating Bangladesh in 1971, also of the same Mrs Gandhi with Field Marshal Sam Maneckshaw. kofsac nouvelle mode 925 bagues en argent sterling pour les femmes fille doux mignon chat oreilles anneau ouvert saint valentin bijoux cadeaux The armed forces fought the battle. Mrs Gandhi steered the war. [Photo: India Defence Review] In truth, 47 years after the event, the Congress is still dining out on Bangladesh. If it believes highlighting an executive decision to empower the Indian armed forces which exists for the service and protection of the Indian people to do its job is ’shameless’, why was it singing its Bangladesh ballad till one day before Perhaps to weakly cloak Mrs Gandhi imposition of Emergency on IndiaBut such see through sanctimonies aside, kofsac nouvelle mode en argent sterling 925 anneau brillant cz elegant couronne couple anneaux pour femmes hommes de fete de mariage amoureux bijoux cadeaux the truth is, there is nothing wrong with a government or a party using its decision and this is perforce a tough one, because the irony is, a moaning, groaning “dialogue” with terrorists and rogue states type ‘peace’ that goes nowhere beyond the junket circuit, is way easier to allow a nation armed forces to protect or avenge its people. The West whom we quote endlessly for all things civilised, Constitutions, Cognac, Copernicus to Cezanne has been doing this for apriati bracelet homme decades. Think of all the US Presidents who used footage of wars, WWII to Afghanistan, to woo their bracelet homme golf electorates. It was their images of victories in or rather, thrust on Iraq that won the Bush father son duo 16 years of the American Presidency between them. And before our desi liberals crumple their linen kurtas (beige is the colour of the season, darling, in keeping with the Undeclared Emergency, you know) with glee at the Bush comparison, let not forget that iconic image Barack Obama, in his ‘Situation Room’ in May 2011, surrounded, from Hilary Clinton to ted baker bracelet homme Joe Biden, by the topmost kofsac offre speciale 925 bagues en argent sterling pour les femmes bijoux de fiancailles de mariage doux bowknot brillant zircon taille ouverte anneau members of his team, closely watching live footage of the secret armed forces mission to get Osama bracelet homme a faire sois meme bin Laden. The Democrats, who are far cooler than the Republicans (and this is bracelet homme cuir fermoir aimanté possibly the only real difference between the two, given the realpolitick they practice) used this image over the jazz bars, gourmet salads and stirring speeches for peace made in peaceful places such as Berlin actually used this image repeatedly, to drive home their toughness, their perseverance at nailing enemies of kofsac nouvelle mode email daisy fleur ouvert bagues en argent sterling 925 authentique bagues pour femmes bijoux de mariage the US, their ability to call the shots, metaphorically and literally, winning Barack admirers even in Red states. The situation in that Situation Room Barack Obama oversees Osama’s killing in 2011. cover iphone x xs [Photo: Associated Press] Given our real world circumstances, both this bracelet homme en ceramique noir prevalence, and this use of war, and its appendages stealth missions, preventive attacks, drone campaigns, et al is here to bracelet homme survie stay. It is far better to have governments that acknowledge this fact, rather than pretending we live inLa La Land. Or worse, treating war as a closed door, from where all citizens get to hear are whispers of choppers and their deals, coffins and their gates, odd tales of guns and brokers and their very mysterious bank accounts. cover iphone 6 6s plus In contrast to this, the Congress should have been open and upfront when in power on how exactly it saw war and the armed forces. Are these a milch cow Or a fighting fit weapon Did it empower the armed forces to go do what it had to do Did the armed forces return to say, mission accomplished We the tax paying Indian citizens who pay for both netas and soldiers would have liked to know. Heaven knows the bracelet homme perle tendance Congress didn lack moments to inform us. Remember 26/11, 2008 When a handful of jihad junkies from bracelet homme 17cm across the border sneaked into Mumbai questions of how exactly they got in and stayed, accumulated weaponry, how this made its way into the multiple locations selected for their terrorism, who helped them in India, still await answers and wreaked havoc in the city for four days. The 26/11 attackers killed 164 people and wounded over 300. custodia cover The the kooples bracelet homme 26/11 attackers ruined a historic hotel, ran rampage across bracelet homme en cuir oxbow an iconic station, shot their way through landmark streets.

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