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New Data on Your Precious Eyes In a recent blog post about the eye brain connection, I detailed my own difficult battle with an eye disorder called episcleritis. Although bracelet homme en poil d’éléphant I dealt with it successfully enough to stop using steroids, some troubling issues nevertheless remained. My continued search for a magic potion that would bring my eyes back to their original sharp focus led me to some interesting findings, and I thought to share them with others who may be seeking help for threatening eye conditions that may lead to blindness if not treated early on. I knew my yearly eye exam was due, and a few days bracelet homme main gauche ou droite ago I sat nervously in the doctor’s chair as I waited till my optometrist came in. Lucky for me I have one of those bracelet homme cempp rare doctors who will actually sit down and have a conversation. He listens to all of my concerns and answers all of my questions. I live in Colorado Springs, and I would like to recommend Dr. Curtis W. Gales, OD, of Executive Park Eye Care to anyone in the area. I sensed that Dr. Gales kept going back to look and look and look, and then he asked me if I’d ever had an epiretinal membrane eye test. Not even knowing what it was, I grew uncomfortable and told him no. I soon found myself in front of a strange looking piece of equipment. After the test, I followed the technician back to the office to get the results. As mandala tattoo bracelet homme it turned out, the news bracelet homme angel wasn’t totally devastating, but it was nevertheless very discouraging. Let me explain a little about this test, why I recommend you ask for one, and what it reveals. As I mentioned, in all my years of going to eye exams, I’d never even heard of the epiretinal membrane test. iphone 7 8 plus hoesje For that matter, I’d never been asked to take one. Without an excessive amount of medical jargon, let me just say that this test looks at the back of the eye in a very special way. Some of us, like me, have a membrane that should not be over the retina, which covers the bracelet homme 60 ans macula. For most people this membrane is harmless. However, if it starts to thicken, it can damage the macula. My left eye showed no harm from this membrane, but my right eye did show some early signs of damage. I will now need to seek out a specialist, and if its progression cannot be stopped, I may require surgical removal of the membrane! Did I sleep that night Not even an hour as I tossed and turned in almost utter despair. Along with other changes, I’ve already begun to use Standard Process Oculotrophin PMG more aggressively, and this will hopefully help stop the progression. Additionally, I will search alternative ways to dissolve that membrane without surgery and update you if I’m successful. Before I discuss a wonderful new book I recently discovered bracelet homme j about serious eye disorders, let me pass on some recommendations from Dr. Gales and others. After that, I’ll talk about major supplements I bracelet homme marc jacobs believe are crucial for helping you resolve any eye issue. Move Your Eye Gaze Frequently Dr. Gales was adamant that we take frequent boheme hibou style pierre perle cristal bracelets et bracelets pour femmes multicouche amour gland 5 10 second breaks by bracelet homme d’affaire simply looking to the side or above to a wall or picture for 5 10 seconds while working on the computer or watching TV. Because we were never intended bracelet homme en cuir de marque to sit in front of screens for the length of time we all now do, we’re actually abusing the natural law and experiencing the consequences. (I discuss a nice eye exercise to do when you cannot leave your computer in “The Eye Brain Connection.”) I too have read that it’s beneficial to take at least 5 15 minute breaks as frequently as possible to go outdoors and get natural light without any glasses. This of course should not be in direct sunlight. (And while you’re at it drink water, bracelet homme double cuir beet kvass, or cabbage tonic.) Blue Light Technology Dr. Gales also advised that we may need some blue light protection. However, many products, including the more popular tinted glasses, completely block out nouveau a la mode 2019 zircon cubique bijoux couleur argent vague charme cz cristal femme bracelets most blue light, which is also dangerous. custodia cover Below are two other comments from reputable sources: From Dr. In my opinion, blue light is not harmful as long as you eat a healthy diet that supplies the antioxidants and nutrients the eyes need. People didn’t need special glasses 200 years ago to protect their eyes from degenerative disease. I don’t believe we do either. “The rates of huatang 4 pieces ensemble boheme bracelet a breloques femmes bracelets couleur or carte du monde all of these eye diseases have greatly increased over the past 30 40 years. Yes, we have exposure to TV screens and computer monitors, but we spend 95 percent of our time indoors, in the shade. cover iphone 8 plus People in the past spent the majority of their time outside in the sun, with their eyes exposed to full sunlight and UV light, which is potentially more harmful than the light coming from a TV screen.” The Weston A. Price Foundation also points to a small number of studies suggesting the possible danger that the blue portion of the light spectrum, which LEDs sterling 925 argent etoile lune cire corde bracelets mini design de mode sauvage mignon bricolage in particular produce (though CFLs do as well), may cause irreversible damage to our eyes. Remember, damage to the eye is based on light bracelet homme diamant brut spectrum, intensity, duration of exposure, and likely the health status of the one exposed. Eat a moonrocy livraison directe mode gros bijoux couleur or rose autrichien classique bracelet en cristal nourishing diet rich in vitamin A. Avoid polyunsaturated fatty acids and processed foods. Turn down the brightness on your devices and use lower wattage ambient light when possible. Bring as much natural light into your living and work spaces as possible. No light bulb was ever designed to be looked at directly. cover iphone 6 6s plus They’re to help you see, not be seen. Sit as far away from electronic devices as possible. Keep your eyes at least 24 inches from your computer and other gadget screens (farther for TVs, especially large TVs). Take regular breaks when working with technology. Plan a 5 10 minute break every 30 minutes and a shorter break every 10 15 minutes to rest your eyes and give them time to recover. Powerful Standard Process Supplements at Your Disposal Oculotrophin PMG: This is a special proprietary supplement containing porcine eye extract, which bracelet homme cuir camel supports the repair and rebuilding of the eyes. Sound moonrocy titane acier bracelets bijoux coeur sans fadless couple bracelet or rose argent couleur impossible No, this isn’t bracelet homme mexicain an exaggeration. cover iphone 7 plus Some supplements you can only find when you use Standard Process. Why To answer that question, I’d like to make a brief statement about a complex discovery made by Dr. Royal porte bracelet homme Lee, the founder of Standard Process formulas, regarding protomorphogens. Supplements containing a protomorphogen act as decoys in the blood, distracting antibodies that may be removing dead cells from an unhealthy organ. By this decoy action, the proper nutrition can be administered in order to reduce further damage and give it time to repair or rebuild. I therefore highly recommend the supplement Oculotrophin PMG for any eye issue. (Read more about protomorphology at oeil du tigre bracelet homme the Selene River Press Historical Archives.) Iplex: This Standard Process formula is a nutritional product that nourishes the eye. It supports normal eye function, healthy cellular and connective tissue associated with the eye, and eye vascular tissue. In addition, it contains vitamins A and C complex (not just ascorbic acid, which is only the preservative wrapper), riboflavin, niacin, and vitamin B6. It also contains Oculotrophin PMG, but bracelet homme en solde in lesser amounts than found in the main product. I’m now taking both of these supplements. Ask your Standard Process practitioner to test you for dosage and frequency. Fife recommends the use of coconut oil, coconut water, red palm oil, and other healthy fats. In this, his latest book, he offers chapter after chapter of ways to prevent and heal a range eye conditions, including cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other common eye disorders. cover iphone 5 5s se You’ll love learning about new and wonderful ways to use both coconut oil and coconut water in your eyes! He also discusses why bracelet homme fermeture mousqueton red palm oil and other nutrients are essential to heal or prevent some of the disorders above. His diet recommendations are unique to those following a low carbohydrate diet.

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